Celebrate the holiday season with Flying Academy. Special training offer available for Ground Staff only.

Flying Academy has prepared a special training offer for Airline Professionals, lthose who want to experience aviation from a different perspective and become an ATPL holder!
This opportunity is available for ground staff only and will be available for a limited time. Apply from the 9th of November till the 9th of April 2016 and receive a special price to complete our Zero to Commercial training program with flexible scheduling, based on your roster.  
Become a professional Airline pilot in one of the fastest growing International Flight Training Centers both in Europe and in the USA. 
Contact our Flight Training Consultants to receive more information: email to or call us on +420 2 2888 2444.

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Flying Academy launches US FAA base in Miami

Miami, USA — (July 10, 2015) — Flying Academy one of the dominant providers of EASA flight training services in Europe, announced today the opening of a new base in the United States of America as the most recent expansion of Flying Academy’s presence.

The new presence comes in response to proven demand for Flying Academy’s training products worldwide. Flying Academy has now the ability to provide under a single umbrella both EASA and FAA flight training services.

Radim Olbrecht, CEO Flying Academy - "The opening of Flying Academy’s Miami FAA base is a natural outgrowth of the strong Flying Academy training portfolio. We have expanded our portfolio of flight training services to the US FAA regulations and will continue delivering our promise to create the next generation of highly skilled and knowledgeable professional pilots.

We are excited to lead the worldwide expansion of Flying Academy through a local presence in the USA".

The courses offered in Flying Academy’s Miami base are under FAA Part 141 and Part 61 regulations, from Private Pilot (PPL) and Commercial (CPL) to Instrument Rating, multi engine and Flight Instructor. For international students, Flying Academy Miami is able to provide the documentation needed for obtaining the US flight-training visa (I-20 form).

Bogdan Epure, Director of Operations - Flying Academy Miami - "As we focus on the emerging markets positive economic growth and the continuously increase of demand for high quality-cost effective flight training, we are very excited about our strategic investment in the United States and look forward to offering our customers even more efficient, competitive and industry aligned flight training solutions."

Flying Academy Miami operates a fleet of 7 aircraft composed of 1 x Cessna 152, 1 x Cessna 172R, 4 x Piper Cadet and 1 x Piper Arrow bringing the total aircraft in the fleet to 23.

Leos Vybiral - Director of Operations - Flying Academy Europe - "Flying Academy is geared up for sustainable growth. With the opening of the US base we have started the execution of our mid-term strategy. I am confident that we will establish the new base as a top choice flight training provider in the Americas".

Flying Academy’s Miami base is located at Miami Executive Airport, 14569 SW 127 St Miami FL 33186 and it’s open every day from 9AM to 7PM (EDT).

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VIDEO: Instrument Rating training - OK-CAP and OK-LAN - Cessna 172SP Garmin 1000

Flying Academy's student Marek from Slovakia put together a great clip from his Instrument Rating training. The aircraft featured in the clip are OK-CAP and OK-LAN - Cessna 172SP Garmin 1000.

More than 30 hours of GoPro footage from IR(A)/SE(SPA) training flights recorded in between December '14 and January '15. Based at Brno-Turany International Airport LKTB/BRQ.

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Flying Academy is in the Flyer magazine UK

Flyer magazine in the UK is launching on March 26th it's yearly supplement "Learn to fly 2015-2016". We are happy that Flying Academy is the only European school featured in the Learn to Fly Abroad section!
Radim Olbrecht - Head of Training Flying Academy: "I'm proud that our continuos efforts to increase the quality of training while keeping the costs to a minimum are recognised internationally. It's a success for us that we are the only flight school in Europe being featured in the magazine and we will take this as a challenge to become better and better every day. 
Signs of our progress are shown to us daily and that's why students from 46 countries have decided to do or continue their training in Flying Academy at costs which are 60% cheaper than in the Western European countries, but at the same level of preparation and obtaining the same Pilot License. For this reason, we are confident to invite anybody that considers to become an Airline Pilot to come and visit us and we will reimburse the cost of the visit when the training will be started".

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Get your very first job as an Airline Pilot right after finishing your training


Right after finishing your training you can get your very first job as an Airline Pilot thanks to cooperation between Flying Academy and VAN AIR Europe. If you finish your whole training with us, which means 0-ATPL or 0-500 Hours Course, we will make sure your CV will be considered in the selection process of VAN AIR Europe Airlines.

VAN AIR Europe has been offering services in the field of commercial aviation since 2004. They operate regular cargo flights in Europe and offers regional passenger flights on behalf of Citywing between the Isle of Man and the British Isles. 

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You can already register for ATPL - 650 Theory in English

Flying Academy, one of the fastest growing international flight school in Europe, launches new ATPL - 650 theory course.


Register now for the following block that starts from 10th of April till 21th of April in Brno.


Ground training will include:

Mass and balance


General navigation

Radio navigation


Flight planning & monitoring

Airframes & systems, electrics, power plant, emergency equipment

And more: Air law and ATC procedures, Human performance & limitations, Meteorology, Operational procedures, Principles of flight, Communications


To get more information about the ATPL(A) theoretical course please follow the link or contact us directly via email, live chat or international phone numbers.

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Pass your ICAO Aviation English Exam with us!

Flying Academy invites you to the ICAO English Aviation Exam that will be held in:


Brno - Turany, airport 4. 4. 2015.

Prague - Letnany, airport  27. 3. 2015.


Prior to the exam you can attend 4 hours long „refresh course“ of Aviation English, where we will prepare you for the exam.

Each pilot must have at least a minimum level of English knowledge - ICAO level 4.

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EASA Integrated ATPL - registration now open

Flying Academy, one of the biggest flight schools in Europe, has opened the registration for the Integrated ATPL course starting January 19th, 2015.


We will take you from no flight experience to the level of being an EASA CPL holder with MEP IR, MCC and JOC in just 14 months. 



Advantages of Flying Academy’s Integrated ATPL(A) program:


- From no experienced to licensed Commercial Pilot with frozen ATPL(A), MCC and JOC (B737NG or A320) in 14 months.

- Intensive program with 750 hours of theoretical preparation. Highly experience lectures.

- Training on EFIS aircraft (Cessna 172SP Garmin 1000).

- MCC & JOC included (Boeing 737 FFS or Airbus A320 FFS).

- Airline screening preparation included at the end of the course (Aviation HR, Aviation Psychologists & Technical interview prep).

- No additional or hidden costs!

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